2011 Alumni Dinner Honoree – Frank Manning

At the 2011’s Alumni Banquet, Frank Manning was honored for his years of dedication

to the Bethel Historical Society and his contributions to the Alumni Association in this last year as he has helped us find details and facts to share with you.  Frank is a member of the class of 1942; his wife Ethel, two children, Brenda and Curtis, and 5 grandchildren are all graduates of Bethel Tate.  Frank has made many contributions to our school and community.  His many accomplishments in life include his service in the United States Marine Corps and being a World War II Veteran.  He is a lifetime member of the Bethel Church of Christ and member of the Bethel-Tate Fire Department since 1946.  He was monumental in the effort to restore a 1925 Fire Truck, which was the first piece of motorized equipment owned by the Village of Bethel.  He was a Village of Bethel employee for 37 years, and served as Superintendent of both the Water and Sewer Departments.  He has also served as Trustee at Woodland Lakes Christian Camp, Tate-Monroe Water, Burke Trust, and is Chairman of the Historical Society.  Frank is a mentor at Bethel-Tate Elementary School and is a member of the K of P and Masonic Lodges.

This year, members of the Alumni Association have spent many hours at the Museum to find interesting tidbits about the history of Bethel Schools to print in the newsletters.  We hope you have enjoyed reading them and taking a trip down memory lane.  The committee members have found Frank to be hospitable and accommodating to our requests.  We would not have been able to do this without Frank’s help, and wanted to say a special “Thank You”.  Frank is committed to maintaining the Bethel Historical Society and works diligently at the Museum located within the Grant Memorial Building,  at the center of Bethel.  Frank’s dedication to Bethel’s history and maintenance of records, memorabilia and overall upkeep make it possible for anyone interested to find facts, details, and family history within the walls of the museum, including many past yearbooks.  The Museum is open the first Saturday of every month from 1:00 to 4:00 and by special appointment as long as Frank can fit it into his busy schedule.

Pictured: Alumni Pres. David Brannock congratulating Honoree Frank Manning and wife, Ethel.

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